Sunday, April 5, 2009

WWF launches campaign to save Himalayas

Kathmandu (Xinhua): With an aim to raise awareness on climate change in the Himalayas all over the world, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched its year-long awareness campaign on "Climate Change in the Himalayas", local media reported on Sunday.

According to report, at Friday's gathering here, Jon Miceler, Managing Director, Eastern Himalayas Program, WWF-US, handed over a banner with the climate change message "Stop Climate Change, Let the Himalayas Live!" to Apa Sherpa, 18-times Mt. Qomolangma summiteer, to be taken to the top of Mt. Qomolangma in his 19th ascent this year.

This message will be taken to the top of the world during the " Eco Everest (Qomolangma) Expedition 2009" under the leadership of Dawa Steven Sherpa, two-times Everest summiteer. Last spring, he had led the team of "Eco Everest Expedition 2008" which had done scientific research on glacial lakes and melting glaciers.

Sherpa said, "The disastrous impacts of climate change are visible in the Everest region. It is a warning to the whole of mankind to do something before it goes totally wrong."

Anil Manandhar, Country Representative, WWF Nepal, said, "The Himalayas are the youngest and most vulnerable mountains to climate change. Through this campaign, we aim to draw the attention of the world community towards the plight of the Himalayas."

On the same occasion, a 10-day art exhibition "Garbage Out of Thin Air" was opened at the Gallery displaying artistic creations made from garbage and debris collected from Mt. Qomolangma trail and brought down by the team of "Eco Everest Expedition 2008". More >>>

It must be remembered that all the major rivers on the subcontinent originate in the Himalayas, and melting of the glaciers that act as reservoirs that supply water throughout the year. Editor