Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Climate Change: Changing the world as we know it

Climate change may change the world as we know it. If we do not begin to realize the extent of the problen, the seriousness of the problem. Unless we begin to mitigate our carbon output our lives will change.

This blog is one man‘s attempt to publicize the extent of the problem that we face globally.

If because of sea level rise part of Bangladesh is flooded millions of of the countries inhabitants will become refugees. Where will the go and who will feed them? If rainfall patterns change will India be able to feed their population? Will rising ocean temperatures cause stronger and more frequent cyclones / hurricanes? What effect will this have on the residents of countries in the global hurricane belt?

Will peak oil and diminishing oil supplies lead to conflict? Is producing ethanol from food grains a smart move? Or will it lead to a shortage of grain that may be needed by less developed countries. Or if not a shortage perhaps a price increase that makes the grain too expensive.

If the Gulf Stream / Atlantic Conveyor slows down causing temperatures in Western Europe to fall drastically will Europe be able to produce enough food to feed their populations?