Friday, January 18, 2008

San Francisco Mayor Issues Roadmap to a Greener City

SAN FRANCISCO, California, January 17, 2008 (ENS) - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Tuesday released SForward, the roadmap to achieve his environmental goal of a 20 percent decrease in emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide below 1990 levels by 2010.The plan also aims to achieve carbon neutrality for city government by 2020.

SForward incorporates the environmental goals, programs and strategies of all key city departments, including the Public Utilities Commission, Municipal Transportation Authority, Department of Public Works, and the Recreation and Parks Department. "San Francisco's environmental future is already unfolding," said Mayor Newsom. "When fully realized, the San Francisco of the future will be a place where words like 'green' and 'sustainable' are meaningless, because it will simply be understood that any action includes best practices for the environment." More >>>