Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rising CO2 could cause catastrophic sea level rise finds Antarctic study

Sea levels could rise by up to 20ft (6m) if the world fails to get pollution under control, according to the latest study in the Antarctic.

19 Nov 2009 - The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) found that during past periods of high carbon dioxide, temperatures in Antarctica were up to 6C above current levels. This could cause a sea level rise of up six metres, threatening coastal cities like London, New York and San Francisco.
It is the latest research to warn of the consequences of increased greenhouse gases on the Earth's climate. Yesterday a study warned that carbon dioxide produced by man is now rising at record rates putting the world on a pathway for a10.8F(6C) rise in temperature.
All the recent studies are adding pressure on world leaders to agree in international deal on climate change at a UN summit in Copenhagen this December. More >>>