Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vulnerable countries unite against climate change

Maldives meeting a crucial step towards Copenhagen
09 November 2009 - In Copenhagen in December, world leaders will have the chance to agree a global plan to fight climate change.

The world’s most powerful nations will attend, but it is important that the meeting is not just about the interests of rich, developed countries.
Representatives will also be present from the world’s poorest countries – including those that will be the worst affected by climate change over the next century.
Floods, droughts, cyclones and other climate-related disasters are already being visited upon the developing world, but to date international negotiations on tackling climate change have been dominated by the voices and concerns of the developed world.

On 10 and 11 October, the leaders of some of those countries most vulnerable to the effects of man-made global warming will gather in the Maldives for the inaugural Climate Vulnerables Forum. This is an opportunity for participants to work together to develop a strong, unified voice on climate change - a voice that will be heard in international negotiations such as Copenhagen.
Countries attending include: the Maldives, Tanzania, Kenya, Barbados, Vietnam, Bhutan, Ghana, Kiribati, Nepal, Bangladesh and Rwanda. Each of these countries has experience of the effects of climate change – and action is vital in each to prevent catastrophic losses in years to come. More >>>