Sunday, July 4, 2010

Asia in the grip of water crisis: Asian Development Bank

Asia is in the grip of a water crisis that could set back the region's robust economic Sunday July 4th. 2010 - growth if left unresolved, according to a top Asian Development Bank (ADB) official.
Arjun Thapan, special adviser to ADB president Harukiko Kuroda on water and infrastructure issues, said governments must start managing the resource better to prevent the problem from worsening.
"We certainly believe that Asia is in the grip of a water crisis and one that is becoming more serious over time," Thapan told AFP on the sidelines of a water and urban planning conference in Singapore.
"We believe that the estimate recently made about Asia having a 40 percent gap between demand and supply by 2030 is a reasonable estimate."
With 80 percent of Asia's water used to irrigate agricultural lands, the shortage could have serious implications for food supplies, he warned. More >>>