Friday, July 16, 2010

Sea Level Rise Will Vary

Sea-Level Rise Will Be Worse For Some, We Just Don’t Know Who

The Seychelles could see up to ten percent more sea-level rise than the global average. Or the sea level around the islands could drop. It depends on who you ask.
The fact that oceans will rise in a warming world is well established, but depending on how wind patterns change, climate change could mean quick inundation or more beach space for different coastlines. Wind patterns maintain height differences between different regions of the ocean, and if altered or intensified, they would push water from one part of the ocean to another.
The resulting sea-level changes could be up to thirty percent more, or less, than the global average in some regions, says oceanographer Axel Timmermann.
The problem is that scientists are just beginning to understand what will happen to climate at scales smaller than entire continents or ocean basins.

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