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Ever Heard “Solar Panels Are Too Unreliable”?

November 4 11:11 AM

Despite the tremendous source of energy shining in the sky, some keep debating the merits of solar power and other renewable energies, asking the same questions over and over again: How effective is solar energy? Is it more expensive? Where and how does solar fit in the larger energy grid?

Many of the arguments against solar are based on outdated or incorrect information. That’s why we’re setting the record straight on some of the most common solar energy myths. First up: solar energy and reliability.

Myth: "Solar Panels Are Too Unreliable."

Fact: Most solar panels produce electricity for over 20 years or more.

If you’ve heard solar panels are unreliable, you’re getting outdated information. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite. Most solar panels produce electricity for over 20 years or more as their parts do not wear out easily. In fact, many of the first solar systems installed over 40 years ago are still active today.

Additionally, using solar power diversifies our energy sources, making the entire grid more dependable. We have more tools available to make solar and other variable renewable technologies more reliable than ever, such as larger and more integrated grids, better resource forecasting, and more use of energy storage technologies. What will need to be replaced in the next 30 years are aging fossil fuel infrastructures like outdated coal-fired power plants.

If we make the switch and rely on renewable sources of energy like the sun, we can save billions of dollars by avoiding not only the costs of replacing these plants, but also the increasingly higher costs of climate change in areas like healthcare expenses and damage from extreme weather.

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Scientists estimate that more than enough solar energy strikes the earth every hour to power our whole society for an entire year.

So next time you hear that solar panels aren’t reliable – just let them know that as long as the sun will rise, solar panels will generate clean, renewable energy.

Want to Bust More Solar Myths?

"It doesn’t work when it’s cloudy." "But it’s too expensive. "We can use clean coal instead."

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