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World Leaders Pledge to Accelerate Climate Change Action

NEW YORK, New York, September 22, 2009 (ENS) - "Climate change is the pre-eminent geopolitical and economic issue of the 21st century. It rewrites the global equation for development, peace and security," said UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon today at the Climate Change Summit he convened at UN Headquarters in New York.

Ban urged the more than 100 assembled world leaders to speed up their action on global warming and preserve the planet for future generations. He countered those who claim that addressing global warming comes at too high a price.

"They are wrong," said Ban. "The opposite is true. We will pay an unacceptable price if we do not act now." More >>>

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video message by UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer, September 2009

UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Yvo de Boer, takes stock of the international climate change negotiations ahead of the upcoming talks in Bankgok.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Students on Ice

STUDENTS ON ICE is an award-winning organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic.

Monday, September 14, 2009

EU May Give Up To EUR15B For Climate Change Fight

BRUSSELS, SEPTEMBER 10, 2009, (Dow Jones) --The European Commission said Thursday that the European Union may give up to EUR15 billion a year by 2020 to finance the fight to climate change in developing countries, setting out a blueprint for negotiations on a global deal to fight climate change later this year.

"This initiative aims to maximize the chances of concluding an ambitious global climate change agreement" at a Copenhagen global meeting in December, the commission said in a statement.
Developing countries are likely to need EUR100 billion a year by 2020 to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change, the commission said. If an ambitious agreement is reached in December, the E.U. could contribute between EUR2 billion and EUR15 billion a year by 2020, it added.
The E.U. wants to lead negotiations at the Copenhagen summit to reach an international agreement to fight climate change and keep global warming under two degrees Celsius. The deal would be the successor of the Kyoto protocol, negotiated more than a decade ago.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

“The President’s Dilemma,”

Anote Tong is President of a small nation – a group of 33 atoll islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, half-way between Australia and Hawaii. Tong is faced with a dilemma the likes of which most government leaders couldn’t image. Scientists predict that within 30 to 50 years the nation he governs will have disappeared, covered over by rising seas resulting from global climate change. More >>>

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